August 2021 – Corrigan Bentley Update

It’s not news that Covid has produced challenges beyond the imaginable and continue to do so. Combining this with leaving the EU, it’s hardly surprising that each and every person we work with, has been pushed to the limits of their capabilities, energy, resilience and imagination.

Corrigan Bentley want to put on record how incredibly proud we are of our people and their families, who have worked incredibly hard to push back the Covid tide and find ways to be successful, carrying out their responsibilities at work and home.

Corrigan Bentley also want to put on record how impressed we have been with many of the people we work with daily and who have told us the unparalleled pressures they have dealt with at work and at home, yet put on a brave face, finding creative solutions, listening to others problems, despite their own and tackle whatever has been placed in front of them.

There are challenges still to come, the rollercoaster is still mid-ride but everything we have seen, gives us hope that brighter days are ahead and if we continue to work collectively, those days will come sooner rather than later.